Kitchen Cabinet – Rose Oak Colored Mahogany

January 29, 2010 by: admin
Kitchen Cabinets - Mahogany Wood

Kitchen Cabinets and Closets Installation in Cebu

This is a wonderful-looking kitchen with a classy touch. For quotation and other inquiries, please call Emily or Coloy at (+63 922-8195679)


3 Responses to “Kitchen Cabinet – Rose Oak Colored Mahogany”
  1. susan says:

    hi ,i would like to ask if how much will i pay for complete kitchen?

  2. Nice post take a look at my site it may not be immediately related but I hope you can get the same value out of it, I got here?

  3. mariben says:


    im interested about your kitchen cabs. the house just finished. the only thing lacking is the kitchen cabinets. i called many times on your given phone numbers but no one answered. anyways, let me know how i can contact you.